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From Pomegranate Avenue

As you all are probably aware, events during the year of 2017 have caused a tremendous ripple effect in the hearts and minds of many Americans. Some of these shifts continue to be felt throughout many communities across the nation and Highlands county is no exception. DFH is dedicated to bringing together the services and businesses who refuse to shy away from issues that matter most in these times.

Subjects such as mental health, addiction, inter-connectedness, and human rights have become more prevalent in conversations and we have recently assumed the role of facilitating actions and pressing for resolve that benefit everyone in all the lovely towns and cities within our county.

Lunch, Listen, and Learn is happening at the DFH offices every first Friday of the month. The event is about an hour long and we go LIVE on Facebook to discuss certain topics that require a variety of perspectives. Anyone is welcome to attend but we want your opinion on the event itself. Please head over to our Facebook page and hit play on a video; send us precious feedback so the conversation can thrive for as long as possible. Text “Inform” to 21777 when you’re ready to share. Talking won’t fix anything alone however it will keep change going in the right direction.

Plenty more work is waiting to be tackled now that the doors to progress seem to be automatically revolving very quickly. The goals are not to invent new ways of communication but to relay ideas to appropriate parties and develop citizens who then feel empowered and knowledgeable enough to better their surrounding for families and neighbors everywhere! Here at DFH, new ideas constantly pop into existence with little resistance from authority. Although these creative waves may look like positive marks and worthy causes, the energy they take to maintain is an amount that is truly an aspiration for the tiny group.

The website you are currently reading this post in is undergoing major construction, which could use your input again, in the hopes to capture our mission and share local companies, organizations, and others that wish to create a hub of  up-to-date information. Free for all to use, drugfreehighlands.org will be a place of refuge. A place of relief. A place of resource. Open to those seeking answers close to home and sensitive in nature.

A handful of other exciting announcements are coming up! Watch out for the next issue of FARFROM Magazine. A fresh batch of content is nearly ready for uploading so if you would like a number of physical copies to share please stop by the office or text “Unite” to 21777 to stay linked to the e-Zine Library. Another coalition meeting is fast approaching. Please attend if you have something to present; our doors are always welcome to new groups with enthusiasm. More Reading Rounds are set for 2018. DFH Online is making putting appointments and choosing what to participate in easier with a prevention calendar that can be added to your apps quicker that you could say “DONE.” Nothing is more important than new faces and familiar ones gathered with a common purpose to enrich children and adults alike, resulting in profound happiness.

Highlands county can sometimes feel big yet nevertheless continues to grow with concerns day to day. We all can, not only make a difference in those concerns but stay relevant for the sake of the cities we live in and the adventures that await to be discovered. Feel like doing more humanitarian work? Need a little kick start to a different lifestyle? Have a great cause that could use exposure? Contact the house of DFH today. Explore with us. Challenge us. Remember that nothing is impossible. See you around.

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